Provide skilled, compassionate health care and counseling to the medically disadvantaged in a manner that honors the name of Jesus Christ.

In 1995, Jim Shaw and his wife Cooka answered this call from God and undertook His mission.

“It has truly been God’s Miracle that the Clinic has evolved from three volunteers in a church Sunday school room twelve years ago to a full service medical and dental facility today.”


Word of the clinic spread slowly at first. However, the Shaws persisted in their efforts to serve the poor. After York County allowed our clinic to operate out of Charles Brown Community Center, a steady stream of patients and volunteers ensued.

But this fledgling band of medical volunteers had a bigger vision. Seeing how swiftly the need was growing, they began to believe that one day they would provide these much-needed services inside a well-equipped facility that the medical ministry would own.

In 2003, after much prayer, hard work and the generous support of the community, Lackey Free Clinic opened the doors of a brand-new building, just down the street from the community center.

Not only did our dedicated staff and volunteers help bring this new home to life, their innovation has made Lackey Free Clinic a pioneer in its field. In 2003 we added a pharmacy and enabled our patients to access free medicine through the Pharmacy Connection.

In 2004 we opened a dental clinic and one of Virginia’s first free chronic-care clinics for patients with diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and other ongoing conditions.

Lackey Free Clinic is part of Project Care, a partnership of free clinics, community health centers, the three area hospital systems, and over 200 greater Peninsula physicians, whose mission is to provide medical, dental and surgical care to uninsured, indigent patients at significantly reduced cost. Project Care’s founders included two former board members and directors of Lackey Clinic.

The Clinic expanded with a 6,000 square foot addition in early 2013 to allow for the growing needs in the community, increasing the four exam rooms to 10 and an adding two group rooms for patient education. Also addressing a critical unmet patient need of basic dental care, Lackey now has five dental operatories.

But the number of patients who need us keeps growing. With your generous support, we can continue to serve these good people and ensure that the story of Lackey Free Clinic will have many more chapters.

In this Anniversary year, we honor the vision, mission and faith of Jim and Cooka Shaw, while celebrating the achievements of all those who’ve given of their time, their charity and their devotion to help our patients in their times of need and to ensure that Jim and Cooka’s mission in Jesus’s name will be fulfilled.

At the same time, we shift our focus to the future with a new name, Lackey Clinic, and with the determination to make sure those in need always have a place to find superb care, renewed hope and an uplifted spirit.

Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brothers, you have done it to me.

– MATTHEW 25:40